Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre supporting local sports clubs in 2014

In season 2014 Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre (WPPC) continues to support and sponsor local community sporting clubs, including providing health care service support, education and assistance.

WPPC has many long standing relationships with local sporting clubs who are located nearby to the WPPC clinic in Mulgrave. In 2014 WPPC are sponsoring the Northvale Netball Club,Knox City FC, the Waverley Park Hawks Junior Football Club and the Glen Waverley Hawks Football Club, and the Victorian Quidditch Association.

This season WPPC Physiotherapist Chris Snell is acting as club physiotherapist on training and match days for the Glen Waverley Hawks. WPPC also has an affiliation with SNAP Fitness Waverley Gardens to assist in ensuring access to best facilities to drive health, fitness and well-being of our client base, especially in relation to injury recovery/management programs.

WPCC provides excellence in General, Sports and Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and has a specific aim to assist the playing squad of each club – and their wider community such as supporters and sponsors – with injury prevention injury management and general health and fitness.

Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre Director Andrew Dalwood said “Across our 25 years of service to the community a key focus has always been to assist local community based sporting clubs to be their very best. Our team are delighted be assisting local clubs, across a range of winter sports, to have successful, healthy and winning seasons”

Community Sport at Waverley Physio