Physioworks Health Group committed to local community health care education

As part of our support for local community sporting leagues and clubs the team at Physioworks Health Group has been holding numerous education sessions to ensure all clubs are well prepared to manage player injuries during the winter sport season.

The education sessions, which crossed a range of club administrators and supporters including coaches, trainers and parents, focussed on player injury prevention and management.

  • Physioworks Camberwell successfully conducted evenings for the Ashy Redback Junior FC and the East Brighton Vampires.
  • Physioworks Cranbourne held a coaches night, attended by coaches from the EDFL and SEFNL, with Collingwood FC Defensive Coach Ben Hart as the key note presenter.
  • Physioworks Pakenham held a EDFL trainers evening, well attended by support teams from all EDFL clubs, which addressed issues from correct taping techniques to initial injury assessment.

Physioworks Health Group Director David Francis said “We are passionate about community sport participation as a key to health, fitness and general well-being. With a new season now under way, our team have run numerous sessions this month to educate coaches, parents and trainers on player health, injury prevention and injury management. Our long standing commitment to our local community based sporting leagues and clubs aims to assist in educating them in improving their player welfare and health care practises”.