Physiotherapy Services at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre

waverley park physiotherapy services


Physiotherapists are health professionals primarily concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of spinal and muscular disorders.

Physiotherapists utilise knowledge of normal movement and the function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments to determine if they are performing effectively and normally.

The aim is to restore normal and pain free function with the use of manual physical treatments including joint mobilisation, massage, electrotherapy, joint manipulation and exercises complemented by advice and education.

At Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre we see a range of clients who benefit from physiotherapy including athletes recovering from an sporting injury, a worker rehabilitating from a back injury to young people suffering growing pains to the older person coping with the ageing process.

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Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy:

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists have undertaken advanced, intensive training, have studied the latest evidence-based research and undergone rigorous examinations to be awarded fellowship in the Australian College of Physiotherapists (FACP).

Accordingly, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are recognised by the profession as having the highest level of musculoskeletal skills and as profession leaders in the management of musculoskeletal problems. The skill of the Specialist lies in the ability to assess, treat and manage complex, difficult and, at times, multifactorial musculoskeletal problems.

Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre Director, Andrew Dalwood (FACP) is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009.

Manipulative Physiotherapy:

Manipulative physiotherapy is the term used for special handling techniques to promote healing of soft tissue. These techniques may include myofascial release, craniosacral techniques, joint mobilisation and massage therapy. Our specialist practitioners will determine if this service is required to rehabilitate your condition.


Hydrotherapy can offer a perfect adjunct to physiotherapy, to assist strengthening, mobilisation and movement.

Hydrotherapy involves gentle exercises in warm water with programs individually tailored to each person’s particular needs. Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre offers two hydrotherapy classes per week performed by our physiotherapists at the Oasis Pool in Dandenong.

Clinical Pilates:

Clinical Pilates is a special series of exercises performed on-site in Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre gym to develop core and limb strength, restore flexibility and improve posture. Clinical Pilates is performed either individually or in small group classes led by our qualified physiotherapists. See Clinical Pilates timetable here.

Dry Needling:

Involves needling to altered or dysfunctional tissues in order to improve or restore function. This may include needling of myofascial trigger points, periosteum, or other soft tissue. It can be used as an adjunct to your normal physiotherapy treatment.

Podiatry at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre:

Podiatrists are trained to provide comprehensive foot care. They play an important role in the maintenance of mobility and consequently general health and independence of all members of the community. Podiatrists are able to assist you with a range of painful and debilitating foot problems.

The conditions podiatrists treat include those resulting from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis and soft-tissue and muscular pathologies, as well as neurological and circulatory disease. Podiatrists are also able to diagnose and treat any complications of the above which affect the lower limb, including:

  • Ingrown & fungal nails
  • Corns, callouses
  • Diabetes foot care & education
  • Foot, ankle, knee & leg pain
  • Orthotic assessment and prescription
  • Footwear & exercise prescription
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Foot mobilisation therapy
  • Prolotherapy
  • Trigger point dry needling

Podiatrist Alistair McIntosh provides podiatry treatment at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre.

Podiatrist Alistair Mcintosh  has been a practicing podiatrist for the last 12 years with his own general private practice in Victoria for 10 years. He graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry). He is a member of the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) and Association of Podiatry Australia (APODA).  He has a special interest in forefoot pain and pathologies.

Podiatry appointments at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre can be made by calling the clinic or please ask at reception.

Home Visits:

Home visits are available for regular patients of Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre whose condition prevents them from attending the clinic. Home visits do however incur an additional fee, please speak to our administration staff to organise this.

Occupational Injury Management Industrial Physiotherapy – Work Place Assessments:

Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre has specialised physiotherapists experienced in Industrial Physiotherapy. We can provide one on one appointments tailored to the individual and work requirements; and we can complete on-site workplace assessments so that your employees have the safest return to work plan. All Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre physiotherapists are recognised by the TAC/Worksafe as preferred providers.

Pre-employment Screening:

Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre can perform pre-employment physical screening, helping to ensure potential staff are the best available and physically able to meet the requirements of the specified role.

What Can Be Treated?

  • Sports Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Jaw Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Muscle strains and tension
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Knee Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Neck Pain and Stiffness
  • Biomechanical Problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Referred Pain
  • Post Fracture & Surgical
  • Workcover and TAC claims
  • Rehabilitation