Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre discuss Growing Pains and Injuries in Children’s Sport

AndrewDalwoodPhysiotherapistWaverleyParkWaverley Park Physiotherapy Centre (WPPC), together with Nutrition for Life, presented at the Waverley Park Hawks Active Kids Health Seminar to over 25 local families – parents and children.

Andrew Dalwood, WPPC Director and Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with over 25 years of health care experience, presented an interactive session on Growing Pains and Injuries in Children’s Sport.

Andrew’s presentation covered common children’s sporting injuries around the knee and ankle. It also covered how sports physiotherapy can assist in injury prevention and management.

“We discussed simple management tips and early ways to identify the common injury problems” said Andrew. “We had an interactive session with some of the audience showing me their stretching techniques, applying ice packs to various body parts in the principles of R I C E. We had the children jumping, hopping and running to check on technique and highlighting tips for improvement” added Andrew.

Dietician and Sports Nutritionist Rob Haala, from Nutrition for Life, also presented: Nutrition for Young Athletes. All attendees found this to be a highly informative and enlightening session on the correct foods for muscle and bone growth, sports performance and the importance of hydration.

Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre presenting at the Waverley Park Hawks Active Kids Health Seminar