Waverley Park Physiotherapy: Strength Training is Important in the “off-season”

At Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre we believe that strength training plays a crucial role in an athlete development and achieving optimum performance.

In terms of boosting sports specific performance and reducing injury risk, research shows that strength and conditioning training plays a vital and integral role. When administered appropriately, it is what provides an athlete with a solid foundation for a lifetime of optimised, pain-free movement.

Preparation is key to perform at your best in the season or sporting event ahead. The off-season is the time to begin developing stronger, faster, more powerful, resilient athletes.

While there is good evidence to support the use of a comprehensive, progressive strength program throughout the year, the off-season is the best time to begin making strength gains. A key reason for this is “load” – the athlete is able to handle a higher training load given the reduced number of training sessions and games.

Across Physioworks Health Group, our team has extensive experience in strength and conditioning training gained from preparing both elite athletes (including Box Hill Hawks –VFL) and local sporting clubs/athletes in preparation for upcoming seasons and/or events.

We invite local community sports teams to send players to our clinics for a lifting assessment and individually-tailored strength program.

Our strength and conditioning team at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre are available for consultation, led by Physiotherapist James Serong.

Individual and group sessions are both available and will be tailored to the training experience of players. Adolescent and youth players also catered for. Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before or have trained extensively, we will develop and manage an appropriate program for you!

Strength programs will be developed in line with sound training and progressive overload principles and will work to address muscle imbalances hindering the athlete’s performance. Correct lifting technique (view our video) and advice regarding appropriate warm up/cool down and recovery will also be provided.

For more information on our strength and conditioning program or to make a booking with James Serong please contact the WPPC clinic on 97950668.